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There was a country #1


Along the west coast of Africa stands a country divided into three ethnic groups sub-divided into two hundred and fifty tribes.
This country was said to be the giant of Africa i remember it was a country with three major religious groups.
The country reached its elixir of youth very early this led to the subjugation of its people firstly in dictatorship and civilian rule.
It became a land where everyone felt marginalized and sidelined without access to the so called national cake.
This country with its sands of corruption which filled up its wells of prosperity.

This country became infamous for fraud and cyber crime rather than for intellectuals and innovations.
where religious leaders rather than inspire the youths towards greater things prefer to stoke the flames of rebellion in their hearts.
The country forgot the old adage that says any society that continues in a state of consummate corruption and ignorance will eventually consume itself.
This writing serves as a warning that if we do not change our mentality towards money making at all cost regardless of its end means.
A time will come where all we will remember was that there was a country and we lost it forever.