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3 things a Nigerian must have before going into online business

Online business is gradually taking over with lots of job opportunities online which enables you to make extra income.
with the current recession in Nigeria and the rise of dollar to about 360naira this is a great opportunity because most online job markets pay for services in dollars.
Since this is the case I am going to tell you some of the ways to harness this potential source of income using this three payment platforms.



This is the most popular worldwide online payment system a PayPal account is a must have for any Nigerian that is serious about online business.
PayPal is accepted by all online stores worldwide and also online job markets such as fiverr, upwork and freelancer.
PayPal was blocked from Nigerian users due to the high scam rate but thankfully this has been lifted in 2015 and Nigerians are now able to registeR.
With over 190million users PayPal is the most trustworthy of all online payment system.
registration into PayPal is free the only thing you do after that is to link your atm card to the PayPal account.
Note: for gt bank atm users PayPal access has been blocked by the bank
from my research union bank, diamond bank and first bank are the best banks to link to PayPal.
to register to pay pal click this link



This is an online payment platform that enables users to receive money and also pay for services.
One wonderful thing about payoneer is that when you register with payoneer they will send you a payoneer master card for free to your house address.
you can also transfer money from your payoneer account to your bank account directly.
Another advantage of payoneer is that it collects low currency conversion fee for every transaction unlike PayPal.
Payoneer has about 3million users and is also accepted in major online job markets.
Please note when registering please feel your postal address properly because there are many instances of Nigerians not feeling it properly and their cards been delivered to the wrong places.
To register on payoneer click this link.



This is the most popular online payment system in Nigeria with its headquarters in Lagos.
Interswitch owns the online  payment service quickteller and verve ATM cards.
Interswitch is the most used payment system in Nigeria with verve Atm cards accounting for 18million out of the 25million atm cards issued in Nigeria.
I personally like Interswitch especially their quickteller payment system it is fast simple and reliable I use it mostly for local transactions.
To register on interswitch click this link.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or observation please leave a comment and I will gladly answer them.