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The cancer in the Nigerian Church


I have been inspired to write this article

When i was younger the church was a place of refuge
but now it is a place of connections and padi padi.
It was a place where ideals and principle of life was taught
but now it has been overrun by get rich quick prosperity ideals.
It was neutral in political debate choosing to defend the people when necessary
but now it is a political tool for propagation of political agenda.
It was a no go are for thieves and men with dubious means
but now thieves and criminals go there to give thanks giving.
The early church fathers were zealous chasing heavenly glory
but now our church fathers are infamous and chase worldly riches.
The early church was people oriented and accommodating
but now the churches are profit oriented and carefree.
there was a simile which said “as poor as a church rat”
but now it is “as chubby as the church rat.”
Churches where their members and pastors cannot afford the schools built with voluntary money and contributions from the congregation
when in the early days the early church provided affordable education.
The church is now a place where we hear of so many scandals
unlike then when it was a mediator in scandals.
I pray and hope our churches can move from being worldly to being holy because the church is the last hope of the ordinary Nigerian man.

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Letter to my father


Dear father,

I remember this things when i was young
you taught me how to watch news and dissect news on tv
I remember you interests became my interests
you introduced me to a sport i grew up to love
I remember our first argument about football
I remember when you would come early in the morning to check on me in the boarding school
I remember the sleepiness nights you had over my school fees when i was young
I remember you insisted on the best schools even when there was nothing i remember your favorite quote
(‘it is better to be safe than sorry’)
I remember the qualities you installed in our family the values of never failing under pressure or adversity
this thoughts have always guided me trough thick and thorns in life
I remember the confidence you instilled in me to face people and overcome my fear of facing crowd
you showed me an open and liberal idea of life
I always wanted to emulate your ways anytime you were around
you were versatile in various aspects of life
we may have our differences now that i have grown older
But I remember that you are a loving father
people may disagree about the way you go about things
But I know you always put family first in all things
I am a person of few words day
I just want you to know that i remember all you instilled in me


There was a country #1


Along the west coast of Africa stands a country divided into three ethnic groups sub-divided into two hundred and fifty tribes.
This country was said to be the giant of Africa i remember it was a country with three major religious groups.
The country reached its elixir of youth very early this led to the subjugation of its people firstly in dictatorship and civilian rule.
It became a land where everyone felt marginalized and sidelined without access to the so called national cake.
This country with its sands of corruption which filled up its wells of prosperity.

This country became infamous for fraud and cyber crime rather than for intellectuals and innovations.
where religious leaders rather than inspire the youths towards greater things prefer to stoke the flames of rebellion in their hearts.
The country forgot the old adage that says any society that continues in a state of consummate corruption and ignorance will eventually consume itself.
This writing serves as a warning that if we do not change our mentality towards money making at all cost regardless of its end means.
A time will come where all we will remember was that there was a country and we lost it forever.