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6 ways to reduce stress and risk factors

Everyday life

There are those times in life when things become difficult and you begin to ponder what is wrong. Sometimes what could be happening may be as a result of mental or emotional distress. It is important to always understand the trigger factors that can lead to such events in life and take certain decisions.
Relax and take a breather
This is one of the hardest things we think of in such situations but it is always ideal to relax and analyse what is wrong rather than persisting to change things in a haste, because when the mind is relaxed the brain can reason properly and adjust to the stress factors at that point in time

Exercise and take lots of sleep

It has been observed by medical experts that exercise is a good way to release tension and anxiety. A little exercise everyday does not hurt from jogging to regular aerobic exercises such as jumping, flexing the leg and arm muscles to complex exercises such as going to the gym and working out. Sleep is also a good remedy for easing tension and anxiety when sleeping the body works at a relaxed state which gives vitality to the body on waking up. So when there is tension or stress and you are confused just take a nap and you will be amazed with the benefits associated with it

Positive thinking

This is a very powerful tool in dealing with stress and anxiety although it may sound difficult it is always good to have positive thinking during this period of stress especially when it comes down to mental stress positive thinking enables your mind to be in a state where it can overcome any risk factors associated with stress. It is also worth knowing that when one has positive thoughts towards a particular solution things tend to end up well in most cases

Love yourself 

Sometimes we wonder why this triggers occur the answer lies right beside you many people do not love themselves, to clarify this statement many people pursue trivial things at the expense of their happiness it could be a career,wealth,fame,power and others. It has been noted that the key to longlife and reducing stress triggers is to be happy and have this love for yourself.

Know your calming agent

This is key to reducing stress trigger and anxiety every one has a hobby or habit that helps to calm the mind during stress periods it could be listening to music, playing games, watching movies or talking to friends or family this calming agents are very important to note as the faster it is identified the easier it is to control risk factors for stress and anxiety.

Confide in a trustworthy person

It is said that “a problem shared is a problem half solved” this is very important because when stress and anxiety are kept in the mind for a long time it could lead to suicidal thoughts. So many people have committed suicide over problems which if it had been shared with another person would have been solved over a period of time. It is vital that when this stress or risk factors are noticed you share this with a trustworthy person which could be friend and family or you get professional help from a therapist this makes it easier to identify and correct.

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Three easy ways for nigerians to make money online in 2017

This is the second quarter of 2017 as a Nigerian
It is always puzzling that most of the things Nigerians do online are to chat and social network.
while there are lots of several opportunities to making money online with your little or no experience.

I will show you 3 easy ways to make money online.

Founded in 1999 this is the largest online job center in the world, with twelve million registered freelancers(job seekers) and five million clients. (employers)

Upwork provides a platform in which you search for jobs, submit proposals to client, who after accepting your proposal interviews you online and grant your job request.

It is quite free to register and the wonderful thing is when you finish jobs you can transfer your money directly to your bank account in Nigeria
and the jobs are being paid in dollars.

Upwork posts an average of 3000 jobs per day they are different types of jobs from programming to article writing to translation and many more.

You can register to upwork by clicking this “link .

Founded in 2009 this is a global job market place which allows potential employers to post jobs in which those interested bids for the job.

Freelancer is a cool site their registration is free. you can also upgrade to premium service for better job opportunities with clients they also need verification of your debit ATM cards.

With over 21 million users worldwide,there is always abundance of job opportunities, you can make direct payment of money earned to your bank accounts there are lots of Nigerians offering services on freelancer.

you can register to freelancer by clicking on this


Fiver is a very popular global online market place where freelancers meet potential clients, the unique thing about fiverr is that you create advert of your services which is known as gigs

Every gig start with a price of 5dollars but you can increase the price for other services such as quick delivery of services and extra incentives.

fiver is a very wonderful website to start making money online since it is easy to use there are constant availability of buyers you can make more money on the long term creating gigs.

To register on fiverr click the link

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3 things a Nigerian must have before going into online business

Online business is gradually taking over with lots of job opportunities online which enables you to make extra income.
with the current recession in Nigeria and the rise of dollar to about 360naira this is a great opportunity because most online job markets pay for services in dollars.
Since this is the case I am going to tell you some of the ways to harness this potential source of income using this three payment platforms.



This is the most popular worldwide online payment system a PayPal account is a must have for any Nigerian that is serious about online business.
PayPal is accepted by all online stores worldwide and also online job markets such as fiverr, upwork and freelancer.
PayPal was blocked from Nigerian users due to the high scam rate but thankfully this has been lifted in 2015 and Nigerians are now able to registeR.
With over 190million users PayPal is the most trustworthy of all online payment system.
registration into PayPal is free the only thing you do after that is to link your atm card to the PayPal account.
Note: for gt bank atm users PayPal access has been blocked by the bank
from my research union bank, diamond bank and first bank are the best banks to link to PayPal.
to register to pay pal click this link



This is an online payment platform that enables users to receive money and also pay for services.
One wonderful thing about payoneer is that when you register with payoneer they will send you a payoneer master card for free to your house address.
you can also transfer money from your payoneer account to your bank account directly.
Another advantage of payoneer is that it collects low currency conversion fee for every transaction unlike PayPal.
Payoneer has about 3million users and is also accepted in major online job markets.
Please note when registering please feel your postal address properly because there are many instances of Nigerians not feeling it properly and their cards been delivered to the wrong places.
To register on payoneer click this link.



This is the most popular online payment system in Nigeria with its headquarters in Lagos.
Interswitch owns the online  payment service quickteller and verve ATM cards.
Interswitch is the most used payment system in Nigeria with verve Atm cards accounting for 18million out of the 25million atm cards issued in Nigeria.
I personally like Interswitch especially their quickteller payment system it is fast simple and reliable I use it mostly for local transactions.
To register on interswitch click this link.

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This question has puzzled millions of women over the last decade
Here are three reasons why men cheat from three different perspective

Psychological perspective

The truth is there is never a particular reason men cheat men cheat for various reasons says sex therapist “Dr Jane green” There are however some core reasons cheating is a symptom generally of relationship and sometimes cheating is an individual problem.
For example! A normal guy who has girlfriends in different places exhibits a different kind of cheating to a man who has an affair with his secretary in his office.

Scientific perspective

As a scientist i discovered from research that men produce hundred of millions of sperm cells daily, by comparison women are born with a million eggs of which one is released every twenty eight days during puberty to menopause.
This increased production of sperms lead to high stimulus to the opposite sex and also men are natural breeders this are some of the scientific factors.

Moral perspective

Men are sexually orientated beings and always show off their aggression physically,a survey showed that men that are not sexually satisfied in a relationship areten times more likely to cheat than a lady in such condition.
In africa cheating is rampant because the african tradition is not strict on cheating
men have a lot of leeway in relationships and cheating is consideed to be a norm in the society.

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The cancer in the Nigerian Church


I have been inspired to write this article

When i was younger the church was a place of refuge
but now it is a place of connections and padi padi.
It was a place where ideals and principle of life was taught
but now it has been overrun by get rich quick prosperity ideals.
It was neutral in political debate choosing to defend the people when necessary
but now it is a political tool for propagation of political agenda.
It was a no go are for thieves and men with dubious means
but now thieves and criminals go there to give thanks giving.
The early church fathers were zealous chasing heavenly glory
but now our church fathers are infamous and chase worldly riches.
The early church was people oriented and accommodating
but now the churches are profit oriented and carefree.
there was a simile which said “as poor as a church rat”
but now it is “as chubby as the church rat.”
Churches where their members and pastors cannot afford the schools built with voluntary money and contributions from the congregation
when in the early days the early church provided affordable education.
The church is now a place where we hear of so many scandals
unlike then when it was a mediator in scandals.
I pray and hope our churches can move from being worldly to being holy because the church is the last hope of the ordinary Nigerian man.

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The pains of an assistant boyfriend

Right Beside Me


pains bf


I have run up and down yet nobody saw my struggles
I saw it coming and I was determined to break barriers
Have you ever been suffocated to the point of death?
It’s high time you stop blaming life for your Woes
You and me can start making life beautiful
RIght beside me is my true love she is just my friend
But I just realised everything we have shared is not love
The way we experience love is different from one another
I love her deeply and she loves someone else
She saw happiness whenever she is with me
But pains with the guy she love
Nobody knows what, I go through, you too can put yourself inside my shoes
Right beside me is what I am looking for
I have been holding her for a long time we played and laugh together
I even know the guy eloping her yet nobody knows
Right beside me is what have been looking for
Sobs Sobs Sobs
You never can tell
She might be behind you
She might be around you
She might be right next to you
Right beside me is my love
I am her Adam and she is my Eve
My Juliet am the Romeo
On the Titanic we humming never too late right next to me
I am stepping past what am looking For
I have even hurt her and insulted her
I can’t belive she is right beside me
Interesting as it is maybe
Indirectly we loving each other
Au revoir
# InnoculistMcsmith
# NgoziCiroma

Letter to my father


Dear father,

I remember this things when i was young
you taught me how to watch news and dissect news on tv
I remember you interests became my interests
you introduced me to a sport i grew up to love
I remember our first argument about football
I remember when you would come early in the morning to check on me in the boarding school
I remember the sleepiness nights you had over my school fees when i was young
I remember you insisted on the best schools even when there was nothing i remember your favorite quote
(‘it is better to be safe than sorry’)
I remember the qualities you installed in our family the values of never failing under pressure or adversity
this thoughts have always guided me trough thick and thorns in life
I remember the confidence you instilled in me to face people and overcome my fear of facing crowd
you showed me an open and liberal idea of life
I always wanted to emulate your ways anytime you were around
you were versatile in various aspects of life
we may have our differences now that i have grown older
But I remember that you are a loving father
people may disagree about the way you go about things
But I know you always put family first in all things
I am a person of few words day
I just want you to know that i remember all you instilled in me


My Diary #innoculistMcsmith


What kind Of Diary do you keep?

I know many of us keep a Diary where we have listed all sorts of offense or events that has been unpleasant to us whereby people has offended us or insulted our pride.
Some sins are critical and are worth writing down.

But I tell you, a sin is one of the few substances that can never be measured on any weighing balance be it analytical or precisional.
We must learn to forgive and forget just as time will help us in this situation.

It Is high time we tore or burn diaries of Such in our possession.
Infact Some have such Diaries In their heart,brain,head and mind.
Such Diaries in such places must be deleted and formated.

We must also learn to forgive others wholeheartedly by casting our mind off It.
You said you forgive her yet such person sins is still in your dairy.
Is That Forgiveness? YES OR NO.

Learn to keep diaries that are of pleasant moments rather than unpleasant Ones.
I remember my mother still has such diaries of an unpleasant one far back in the 1900s but I have talked to her to erase such Diaries.

I have already sat her down to show her this writeup.
Thank God she was blessed by her Son.
Writeup and Deep Thinking.
I Love My Sweet Mom
I Love My Love Ones
I Love My Woman
I Love My Siblings
I Cherish and Love All of My Friends HERE
and all Over the World
WRITE a Pleasant Diary Today and Smile
# TeamDiary
# InnoculistMcsmith
# InnoculistMcsmith